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New Account Setup
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What does New Account Setup Mean?
New Account Setup means that you would like to create a user login into the Apprentice and Journeyman Tracking System. This new login setup will allow you access to your account within our tracking system.

Can Anybody Create an Account?
No, everyone cannot create an account. You must be a member in our system in good standing it order to be eligible to create an account.

What if I am a Journeyman and have not taken a Class?
It is possible that we do not have you in our Training database. If you are in a local that is participating in our data sharing program we can create an Account for you based on your Membership Information. If you Local is not participating you will need to call your local. Your local can put you into our database and then you will be able to create internet login account.

What is the minimum amount of data that is necessary to create an Account?
At the very least you will need to know the following:
First Name - as it is spelled in our database
Last Name - as it is spelled in our database
Member ID - your UA ID number (on your UA Card)
Phone Number - 1 phone number for you that we have on our system
Local Number - the local number you belong to